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Fanfiction! - Harry and Melfina is love. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Fanfiction! [Aug. 12th, 2006|05:43 pm]
The Harry/Melfina Fan Community


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Ello, ello, everyone! What's up? Thy name is ... well, I like giving myself different names, so .... call me 'Nosferatu Dementer'. ^_^ I like that! Sounds creepy. Now, first I wanna say .... MELFINA AND HARRY RUKE ALL!!!! This site is awesome and thanks must go out to some_sneaky_sim for making this place so awesome! *HUGS*

Now, with that said, I am here to cheaply plug my Harry/Melfina fanfiction. XD Since links to fanfiction.net don't work, I'll just tell you how to get to it. 1: Go to fanfiction.net. 2: Go to the Outlaw Star area. 3: Search for romances in all ratings (It's 'M', by the way, for a lemon which is coming up next chapter. ^________^). 4: Read my fanfic "Another Member Of The Family" by Mel Hearts Atreyu, a.k.a. me. XD Hope to get some awesome reviews from you guys, and thank you some_sneaky_sim for giving me an awesome review ........... and I'll think about killing off that new girl. XDDDD Til next time, have fun! ^___________________________________^

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